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@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Note: The Mail Server requires SSL certificates
### Package Requirements (FIXME: other php packages)
nginx, php, php-fpm, mariadb, bower, gulp, letsencrypt
nginx, php, php-fpm, php-composer, php-gd, php-imap, php-mcrypt, php-memcached, memcached, mariadb, bower, gulp, mysql, letsencrypt
### Folders (FIXME: add php folder and configs)
@ -30,6 +30,14 @@ nginx, php, systemd
9. Ensure the public web directory exists and run `systemctl start letsencrypt` to generate the SSL certificates
10. Run `systemctl enable letsencrypt.timer` to enable the auto-renewal process
### MySQL Config
1. Run `mysql_install_db-user=mysql-basedir=/usr-datadir=/var/lib/mysql`
2. Run `systemctl start mysqld` and `systemctl enable mysqld` to start mysqld and enable it at boot
3. Run `mysql_secure_installation`.
4. Create a new password.
5. Say `yes` to everything (e.g. "Remove anonymous users? Disallow root logging remotely? Remove test database and access to it? Reload privilege tables now?")
## Mail Server
### Package Requirements

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