A theme, config and collection of plugins for Neovim
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A theme, config and collection of plugins for Neovim


  • Neovim: neovim is a hard dependency
  • Bash: Required by the update script
  • Coreutils: Required by the update script
  • Git: Required by the update script and git-related plugins

Optional Requirements

  • Powerline Fonts: Required to enable the fancier looking status line
  • Universal CTags: Required by vim-gutentags and vista, and optional for nvim-cmp
  • Compilers, Linters and Runtimes: The ale plugin can use compilers, linters and runtimes to provide real-time syntax checking

Distribution Features

  • Default Configuration: A complete set of defaults, focusing on the most modern settings that still provide a compatible experience
  • Custom theme: An original colour scheme with explicit values set to optimize the look of individual file types
  • Key Bindings/Aliases: A set of bindings and aliases defined to group similar features and provide numerous (and sometimes more familiar) ways to access options
  • Plugins: A set of plugins have been included and configured to provide support for most normally-unsupported file types, and a set of features useful when using Vim as an editor
  • Custom Configuration: A second vimrc and bundle folder are included that aren't maintained as part of the repo, making custom plugins and configuration easy to add


  1. Clone the darkcloud-nvimconfig repo and run the update script
  2. By default darkcloud-nvimconfig expects to be installed @ /etc/darkcloud-nvimconfig, if you're installing it elsewhere you should add let g:darkcloudpath = "/path/to/darkcloud-nvimconfig" to your neovim init
  3. Add source /path/to/darkcloud-nvimconfig/init.vim to your neovim init (after let g:darkcloudpath = ... if present)


  • Configure Variables: The following variables can be added to local/user.vim and have their values set to the values you require:
    • g:autostartchecker: 1 = Enable the syntax checker when a file is opened | 0 = Check syntax only after being toggled on (default: 0)
    • g:enabletreesitter: 1 = Use treesitter for compatible files | 0 = Keep treesitter disabled (default: 0)
    • g:enablecompletion: 1 = Enable autocompletion | 0 = Disable autocompletion (default: 0)
    • g:enableautotags: 1 = Automatically generate tags files | 0 = Disable tag generation (default: 0)
    • g:enablepowerline: 1 = Render the status line using characters that require powerline-patched fonts | 0 = Render the status line with characters that work with all fonts (default: 0)
  • Custom Plugins: Pathogen compatible plugins can be cloned or extracted to local/bundle/, or a folder named bundle in any of the folders in the runtimepath
  • Update Script: (requires: bash+git) Use the update script to update the project and submodules, as well as handle any required maintenance



Binding Mode Action
(Ctrl|Alt|Shift)+ScrollUp ALL Scroll left a few characters at a time
(Ctrl|Alt|Shift)+ScrollDown ALL Scroll right a few characters at a time
MiddleClick ALL Select between the cursor and the mouse
Ctrl+LeftClick ALL Select between the cursor and the mouse
Alt+LeftClick ALL Select the line at the mouse
Ctrl+Alt+LeftClick ALL Select the paragraph at the mouse
Ctrl+RightClick ALL Copy selection or character under the cursor
Ctrl+MiddleClick ALL Copy selection or character under the cursor
Alt+RightClick ALL Cut selection or character under the cursor
Alt+MiddleClick ALL Cut selection or character under the cursor
Ctrl+Alt+RightClick ALL Paste at the cursor
Ctrl+Alt+MiddleClick ALL Paste at the cursor
Shift+MiddleClick ALL Paste the contents of the xorg buffer


A more complete list of key bindings exists at the top of vim/config/keyboard.vim


Binding Mode Action
F11 or Leader+[ N Toggle git history for the current file
F12 or Leader+] N Toggle the vista symbol and tag sidebar
Leader+Leader N Toggle the location list for ale issues


Binding Mode Action
` N Toggle gutter (left bar with line numbers, etc)
~ N Toggle code the code folding sidebar
F1 ALL Toggle line wrapping
F2 ALL Toggle highlighting of spelling mistakes
F3 ALL Toggle external-paste mode
F4 ALL Toggle source code syntax checking

Spell Check

Binding Mode Action
?+ N Add the selected word to the local dictionary
?? N Show spelling suggestions for selected word
?N N Go to the next spelling mistake
?P N Go to the previous spelling mistake

Fixing and Formatting

Binding Mode Action
Leader+J N+V Format line/selected lines to a max width of the textwidth
Leader+f N+V Format document/selection alignment using Vim syntax
Leader+f N+V (Markdown) Format table cursor is currently on
Leader+F N Fix document with available ale fixers
Leader+t N Convert all tabs into spaces and continue session with spaces
Leader+T N Convert all spaces into tabs and continue session with tabs
Leader+w N Remove all trailing whitespace

Complete Reference

For a complete list of mappings specific to darkcloud-nvimconfig, check the list in the comments at the top of vim/config/keyboard.vim


  • ale: Asynchronous Lint Engine
  • Comment.nvim: Smart and Powerful commenting plugin for neovim
    • nvim-ts-context-commentstring: A Neovim plugin for setting the commentstring option based on the cursor location in the file. The location is checked via treesitter queries
  • lightline.vim: A light and configurable statusline/tabline plugin for Vim
    • lightline-ale: Provides ALE indicator for the lightline vim plugin
  • nvim-cmp: A completion engine plugin for neovim written in Lua
  • nvim-surround: Add/change/delete surrounding delimiter pairs with ease
  • nvim-treesitter: Treesitter configurations and abstraction layer for Neovim
  • qf.nvim: Extends the default quickfix and location lists for neovim
  • splitjoin.vim: Simplifies the transition between multi-line and single-line code
  • tabular: Vim script for text filtering and alignment
  • vim-fugitive: A wrapper integrating git into vim in such a way as to provide features neither of them could offer on their own
  • vim-gutentags: A plugin that takes care of the much needed management of tags files in Vim
  • vim-move: Provides a few convenient ways to move selected text
  • vim-pathogen: A plugin to load other plugins while keeping them isolated in their own directory structure rather than all dumped together
  • vim-polyglot-darkcloud: The darkcloud-nvimconfig fork of a meta-package that attempts to provide the best syntax plugins for each file type
  • vim-signify: When a version controlled file is changed, this displays a column showing where and how, and allows for navigation to and between differences
  • vim-trailing-whitespace: Highlights and allows for the easy removal of trailing whitespace in documents
  • vista.vim: Viewer & Finder for LSP symbols and tags