A tmux config that includes key mappings, bandwidth monitoring in the status line and a dark theme designed around the one used in darkcloud-vimconfig.
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Darkcloud TMUX Config


  • A custom theme that matches the one used in darkcloud-vimconfig.
  • A bandwidth monitor showing the current upload and download speed of either eth0 or the device you've set to $NETDEV.
  • Sane defaults and a set of custom key bindings that group similar ideas and make frequently used commands easier to access.
  • Optional support for powerline fonts that looks oh so much better when they're used :).

Darkcloud TMUX Config Theme


  1. Choose either tmux.powerline.conf if powerline fonts are available or tmux.normal.conf if they're not, and install it to /etc/tmux.conf for a system-wide install or ~/.tmux.conf for a local install.
  2. Install bwrate to somewhere available in $PATH and make it executable (ie: install -Dm755 bwrate /usr/local/bin/bwrate)
  3. If your network device isn't named eth0, set $NETDEV to the name of the device you'd like to use somewhere tmux will see it when it runs (ie: echo 'export NETDEV="wlan0"' >> ~/.bashrc)

Key Bindings

  • Prefix: <Ctrl><Space>
Key(s) Behaviour
c and <Ctrl>c Create a new pane and create a new pane in the current directory respectively
[ and ] Split the window vertically and horizontally respectively
- and = Select an even layout vertically and horizontally respectively
_ and + Rotate the window counter-clockwise and clockwise respectively
S Run the swap-pane command to swap the current pane with the marked one
. and , Move and swap the current window with the provided window number respectively
$ and # Rename the current session and window with the provided name respectively
<Space> and <Ctrl><Space> Move to the previously selected pane and window respectively
h, j, k and l Move left, down, up and right between panes respectively like the arrow keys
` Toggle synchronized input between the panes on the current window
<Ctrl>r Clear the terminal history, tmux history and the current window/pane
r and R Reload /etc/tmux.conf and ~/.tmux.conf respectively
? and / Show help for available key bindings and commands respectively
y and <Ctrl>p Enter copy mode and paste from the copy buffer respectively
<Ctrl>v and <Ctrl>y Pastes the X buffer in tmux, and sends the tmux buffer to X respectively
(copy mode) v, y and <Escape> Begin selection, copy selection and cancel copy mode respectively
W Write scrollback buffer to file
Alt-[0-9] (no prefix) Switch directly to the given window



This config and the bwrate script are released under the MIT license.